Lucid Motors Canada ULC

Lucid Motors Canada ULC


Lucid Motors Canada ULC

701 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, BC V7Y 1G5 | View on Google Maps
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Every Lucid Motors Studio offers a digitally oriented luxury experience tailored to each customer’s preferences, whether they visit in-person, make inquiries entirely online, or combine the two.

Lucid’s Vancouver Studio allows customers to experience the brand and obtain information about its products in a location that underscores the company’s unique design aesthetic. Exploring a Lucid Studio, visitors will get a vision of how the company draws inspiration from the beauty, innovation, and diversity of its home state of California.

Lucid Motors Studios augment the physical experience of seeing and touching a Lucid Air with an elevated digital experience. Using a 4K VR configurator, Lucid’s Virtual Reality Experience combines the physical and virtual worlds to showcase seamless personalization of everything from interior finishes and materials to the exterior colour.